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UNT: The First 50 Years is an exhibit celebrating the beginnings our institution, which were rich with pride and promise. 2015 marks UNT’s 55th year as a University, and the community is taking part in festivities throughout the year. These include the unearthing of two time capsules from 1962 and 1988. From its opening in 1890 to its fiftieth anniversary in 1940, North Texas transitioned from a Teacher Training Institute, to a Normal College, then to a Teachers College. These first fifty years saw the construction of the first school buildings, the awarding of its first bachelor’s degrees, and the beginning of its robust recreation program. Students, faculty, and administration make appearances in this exhibit through photographs, yearbooks, and school publications housed in UNT’s Special Collections department.


Text by Julie Judkins, Perri Hamilton, and Jessica Phillips. 

All materials are held by UNT Special Collections. 

Item photography by Josh Sylve. 

Exhibit by Alexandra Schutz.

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UNT: The First 50 Years is a online exhibit.

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  • UNT Special Collections

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August 27, 2015