About: The Lost Generation : World War I Poetry

This exhibit explores the works of soldiers and civilians, and the shift from the romanticized view of dying for one's country to the disillusionment of war.


This exhibit was created in collaboration with UNT English Faculty Bruce Bond, Ph.D., John Peters, Ph.D., and Dahlia Porter, Ph.D.

The students of Dr. Porter's Fall 2016 English 5750: Methods of Historical Research course contributed research and text to the online exhibit. They are Mohammed Alhamili, Diane Culpin, Troy Evans, Amanda Hughes, Meghan J. Lindsey, Sebastian Paramo, Emily Peebles, Katherine Schneider, and Leah Tieger.

All books in this exhibit are a part of the Donald Thomas War Poetry Collection, University of North Texas Special Collections.

Artifacts in this exhibit come from various World War I collections within the University of North Texas Special Collections, and are labeled accordingly.

Photography by Josh Sylve.

Display Information

This exhibit ran from
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 to Thursday, May 11, 2017

Organizational Credits


  • Bruce Bond Ph. D.
  • John Peters Ph. D.
  • Dahlia Porter Ph. D.
  • Mohammed Alhamili
  • Diane Culpin
  • Troy Evans
  • Amanda Hughes
  • Meghan J. Lindsey
  • Sebastian Paramo
  • Emily Peebles
  • Katherine Schneider
  • Leah Tieger

Last updated date

January 17, 2017