Threads of Remembrance : Dallas - Fort Worth Chapter of the NAMES Project

In 1991, the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the NAMES Project was formed. At that time, Texas was ranked 4th in the nation for number of AIDS cases diagnosed and died, and 37th in state funding for AIDS. The individuals who came together to form this chapter saw these troubling statistics and wanted to help their communities through education and funding local AIDS organizations. Within a year of opening, it was clear that a single chapter could not address the needs of these two very different cities with such a physical distance between them. There were also issues with press releases listing Dallas but not Fort Worth, and it was not clear that the Chapter was working with both communities. The Chapter split up into the Dallas Chapter and the Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter, and each was established in 1992. After the Chapters separated, they continued to work closely on major programming, such as large displays, or when hosting national tours of the Quilt.