Threads of Remembrance : Fort Worth - Tarrant County Chapter

The Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter worked under the umbrella of the AIDS Outreach Center for four years, until they were able to gain non-profit status on their own. This allowed the Chapter to establish their place in the community and create strong connections with other AIDS organizations. In 1993, the Chapter was honored with the Chapter of the Year award, after hosting a major display of over 200 12’ x 12’ Quilt blocks at the Will Rogers Exhibit Hall, raising $22,000 for local AIDS services, and bringing in over 100 new panels to be added to the Quilt.

In 1996, the Chapter focused on helping with the display in Washington, D.C. After this major event, the leaders of the Chapter decided to step down from their positions to allow a new steering committee to take over operations. Under new leadership, the Fort Worth Chapter chose to focus on local outreach, presenting educational materials with other local organizations, and attracting more people to panelmaking workshops.

The Fort Worth Chapter was one of many that opted to disband instead of agreeing to new regulations created by the NAMES Project Foundation, in 2002. The Chapter decided that the new limitations on local fundraising and the increased cost to host the large Quilt blocks held at the National headquarters would not allow them to achieve their goals and continue to be a main source of HIV/AIDS education in the community. With this decision, the Chapter closed its doors in 2002.