Tour of a Lifetime : Idea of a Tour

Bob Kap was the man said to be responsible for the development of the world tour idea.  He was a sports writer, soccer coach, and refugee living in Canada at the time. His connections to the soccer world allowed Kap to correspond with Hunt, promoting himself and his idea to recruit non-professional European players, as well as methods to make the world tour pay for itself. With all of this in mind, Hunt hired Kap as the coach of the Dallas Tornado Soccer Club in July 1967.

Kap began posting recruitment advertisements in European newspapers to find skilled young players that he could mold into a team. Jay Moore, the only American player on the team, was recruited because of a requirement put in place by the North American Soccer League. The rest of the players came from England and Scandinavia, with the understanding that they would be relocating to Dallas, after the tour.