Legends of the Mean Green : 1920s

In 1920, Theron Fouts became coach of the North Texas State Normal College-renamed North Texas State Teachers' College in 1922-football team.  He served as coach from 1920-1924 and would later be named as dean of men and athletics director.  The 1920s also witnessed the affiliation of the college with its first conference, the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association, in 1921 and an undefeated season in 1922.  Fouts Field would later be built and named after Coach Fouts in 1952.

Image of football team

Photograph of North Texas football team in 1920 with Coach Theron Fouts after finishing the season 7-1.

Image of football players

Three players tackle the player holding the football during a North Texas vs Trinity game in this 1925 photograph.  Football players wore leather helmets with very little other protection during this time period.

Image of game

Photograph of a tackle during a North Texas State Teachers College football game circa 1925. Children in the background sit on bales of hay.

Image of people walking from train station

Photograph of North Texas football team and fans returning to Denton in 1929 after an out of town game. They are walking back to campus from the Denton T&P railroad Depot.