UNT: The First 50 Years : Curfew Bell

The Victory Bell began life as the Normal School’s curfew bell. The bell rang for class changes, curfews, special events, and emergencies. The bell was originally installed in the Normal Building, the first building on campus. It was found to be too heavy for that structure and was moved to an eighteen-foot bell tower around 1904. By 1915 it was moved again, to the roof of the Power Plant. Over time the bell’s clapper went missing – usually in conjunction with April Fool’s Day or a highly competitive football game. At one point it was missing for such a long time that the school purchased a new clapper. The original was returned and ended up in the possession of the first female athletic instructor, Beulah Harriss. She donated it to the university upon her retirement.  This photograph shows the curfew bell on top of the Power Plant. Behind the Power Plant are the Library, now Curry Hall, and the Main Building (now the site of the Auditorium Building).