The Lost Generation : World War I Poetry : 36th National Guard Private's Jacket

36th National Guard, Texas, Private's Jacket


World War I, 36th National Guard, Texas, Private's wool jacket. From the Historical Collection, donated by Mary Helen Rucker (46. 40).

This jacket was worn by George N. Rucker who was stationed at Camp Travis in San Antonio, Texas, during World War I. The arrowhead patch with the "T" in the center represents the 36th infantry division of the Texas Army National Guard, which was made up of Texans and Oklahomans. The silver chevron patch lower on the sleeve represents stateside service of at least six months. A second silver chevron patch would have been added for an additional six months served, so we can tell that Rucker only served between six and eleven months. The red chevron near the shoulder represents honorable discharge.