The Lost Generation : World War I Poetry : Photograph of Four Soldiers

photograph with four soldier, names and fates written beneath


World War I, Photograph of four soldiers. From the World War I Collection (AR0819).

This photograph of four soldiers, during World War I, was taken at Camp Bullis, Leon Springs, Texas in 1918 while on maneuvers with the 359th Infantry, 90th Division, as is indicated by the hand written information on the photograph. The men are numbered 1 through 4 from left to right, and each of their fates are listed below.

#1. Captain Vanderkooi- wounded, captured and maimed for life in front of [Pagny] Sept. 16, 1918. Found in German Hospital in Metz at the armistic.

#2. Lieutenant Rex Cunningham- killed in action Sept. 12, 1918 in St. Mihiel Offensive.

#3. Lieutenant Sam Williams- wounded Sept. 12, 1918 at St. Mihiel and Nov. 10, 1918 in Muese-Argonne.

#4. Lieutenant Dan Leiper- D.S.C.- killed during [our] attack in Meuse-Argonne on 11-2-18.

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For further information about the 90th Division and the 359th Infantry, look at A History of the 90th Division by George Wythe. This text was uploaded to the Internet Archive by the University of Michigan.