The Lost Generation : World War I Poetry : U.S.S. Madawaska, Instructions for Troops Card

Instructions for troop card with punched out meal times at bottom


World War I, U.S.S. Madawaska "Instructions for Troops" card. From the Victor Lauderdale Collection (AR0229).

This card was issued to soldiers making the transatlantic journey to or from Europe on the U.S.S. Madawaska, during World War I. The card lists the rules for non-Naval soldiers onboard the ship, including saftey precautions, such as no smoking on deck after sunset or before sunrise so that the glowing cigarette won't reveal their position to enemy ships, as well as information about meals, and the expected behaviour of the soldiers. The final instruction on the card states that spitting on the deck will not be tolerated as it is "a filthy, unsanitary habit." The lower half of this card has a tabel indicating three meals for each day of the week, and the meals would have holes punched in them as the soldier acquired his food.

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