Horse Country Photographers

Banner in color showing 4 horses from the front. Behind them is a white building. A white graphic design symbol is overlayed and the exhibit title, Bankston, Shugart, and Stryker The Horse Contry Photographers on it in big white letters.

This exhibit features three photographers who devoted their careers to the documentation of working horse farms, rodeo competitions and lifestyle that today we simply call “Horse Country.” Together they have advanced the genre of horse photography from commercial work into the realm of art and cultural documentation.

Ray Bankston, Don Shugart and John Stryker demonstrate a technical mastery of the skills necessary to work with horses, but more importantly they have the ability to capture the spirit and passion of the horse owner with a click of their shutter. It is little wonder they have been called to the top horse farms in the country to document everything from family portraits to national events and Hall of Fame horses.

The University of North Texas Libraries, in the heart of Horse Country, collects and maintains a large archive of horse and ranching photography. All the images in the exhibit are drawn from the significant holdings of the library’s special collections.

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