Celebrating 70 Years: The New Generation: 1987-1996

Racing to Save Baby Jessica, 1987

Video coverage of efforts to save baby Jessica Mcclure, an infant who fell into a dry well in Midland, Texas.

Opening of 6th Floor Museum, 25th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination, 1988

AIDS Crisis, Ron Woodruff and Dallas Buyer’s Club

Ann Richards and Clayton Williams Governors Race, 1990

A light-hearted look at the 1990 Governor’s race.

Dixie Chicks Performing with Original Line-up, 1990

Before the Dixie Chicks found mainstream success they were known locally for their traditional country and bluegrass style.

Mourners and Funeral for Murdered Artist Selena, 1995

BetaCam Tape

BetaCam tape was in use as a recording technology at KXAS from 1987-1996.

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