Every Book(mark) Has a Story: Educational and Library Materials

Library Materials

Each item in this collection was found in a library book, so it may be unsurprising that many of the items relate to the library itself. As the university grew and evolved (including several name changes) so did the library. From these check-out cards and location guides, a vision of the library before online databases and e-books appears. In the days when UNT was “North Texas State Normal College” the library closed each day for a lunch hour, and students would incur a 2 cent fine for each day a book was overdue; and for many years, patrons relied on printed reminders of where to find the books they sought according to their Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal classifications.

Class Materials

Class notes, reading lists, and exams left behind provide a glimpse into the academic lives of students and the role of a university library in education. The items related to education answer some questions and pose others. What were university students reading about race in America in the 1930s? How did students take tests in the 1890s? How long have Political Science students been pondering “Why a 2 party system?”?

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