Artists’ Book Competition : 2009-2010

The 2009-2010 panel of jurors:

  • Dr. Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Associate Professor, College of Visual Arts and Design, UNT
  • Andrew DeCaen, Assistant Professor, College of Visual Arts and Design, UNT
  • Dr. Jennifer Sheehan, Curator, Rare Book & Texana Collections, UNT
  • Edward Hoyenski, Assistant to the Curator, Rare Book & Texana Collections, UNT
  • Julie Leuzinger, Board Member, Friends of the UNT Libraries

Arstist: Jung Eun Lee (or Jungeun Lee)

The artist's book is a Japanese-sewn volume consisting of double-leaves sewn together. The recto of each leaf has a changing pattern of stains and marks, and the verso of each leaf has text from the inner surface becoming more and more visible as the reader moves through the volume. The next-to-last leaf has complete text, the testimony of a young Korean girl who was forced into sexual slavery at a comfort station for Japanese military personnel in Taiwan during World War II. The volume is tied closed with triple-strand white string and is wrapped in a stained square of white cloth that is tied with twine.

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Text wrapped in stained square of white cloth tied with twine.
Outer wrapping of stained white cloth is open, revealing volume underneath.
Volume is open, displaying stains and marks on pages.
Close up of stains and marks on page.

Artist: Carlynn Field

The book is a sculptural representation of a grilled cheese sandwich made of yellow fabric, printed fabric, hand-dyed silk, and batting. When opened, the "cheese" is revealed to be a long accordion-folded strip of cloth, each panel with an embroidered representation of the steps to make a grilled cheese sandwich. The volume is presented on a blue heavy plastic circular plate.

Artist's statement: "A step-by-step 'How to' for the ultimate comfort food - grilled cheese sandwich. Also, it is one of the first foods a child learns to make on the stove."

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Side view of Grilled Cheese text sits on a plastic blue plate.
Top of Grilled Cheese text on blue plastic plate.
Inside pages of Grilled Cheese text, displaying steps five and six, on blue plastic plate.
Steps five and six within Grilled Cheese text displayed on blue plastic plate.