Artists’ Book Competition : 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 panel of jurors:

  • Martin Iles, Artist, Director, Good/Bad Art Collective in Denton, TX & Brooklyn, NY
  • Meagan May, Special Collections, UNT
  • Edward Hoyenski, Special Collections, UNT
  • Julie Judkins, Special Collections, UNT

Artist: Howard Spillman

Media: gouache, paper, terry cloth, thread

My Tooth Fairy Book is presented as a continuation of the artist's exploration of childhood, and the intimacy found when reflecting on the shared experiences of those raised in similar contexts.

My Tooth Fairy Pillow

Artist: Nhi B. Nguyen

Media: watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylic

In A Day, In My Room, With My Cat takes on a person's day spent in their room. The artist inspects certain parts of a day where a woman interacts with her cat, in the form of a pop-up book that can be displayed in the round.

Artist: Todd Rychener

Media: alcohol ink, acetate, fabric, paper

Designed to not have an obvious front or back, Microscopic Book can be read left to right starting at either cover. The intention is to bring to mind: biology class microscope slides, 35mm film slides, kaleidoscopes, fossilized amber, gemstones, or underwater sunlight.