UNT Multicultural Center Through The Years

A rectangle with different clear colors of blue and green overlapping each other. The exhibit title, Multicultural Center Through the Years, is in the middle of the banner, the first part is dark blue and the other half is light blue.

The mission of UNT’s Multicultural Center is to cultivate a campus environment where people of all identities and experiences can thrive. They foster the success and awareness of historically underrepresented student populations with an emphasis on disability, ethnicity, gender, interfaith, race and sexual orientation. The Center’s programs and activities are developed to increase the awareness, understanding, and intersectionality of the various identities in the UNT community.

From the Center’s earliest iteration, the Center for Ethnic Affairs, through many changes in directorship, funding issues, and student unrest, the main goals of this department have been to educate students on cultural diversity, uplift students in finding their strengths, and encouraging them to become part of a community in order to reach success in their college careers and in their lives.

This exhibit celebrates the history of UNT’s Multicultural Center.

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