About: Bureaucracy A Love Story

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This exhibit was on display in the Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room from Wednesday, January 21, 2015 to Friday, May 08, 2015.


The exhibit was conceived and curated by a group of faculty in the English department: Dr. Gabriel Cervantes, Dr. Dahlia Porter, Dr. Ryan Skinnell, and Dr. Kelly Wisecup. Research and written text for the labels was contributed by the students in Dr. Porter’s graduate seminar, English 5750: Methods of Historical Research, and Dr. Skinnell’s undergraduate seminar, English 4230: Institutional Rhetorics. The following list indicates which students contributed to each portion of the exhibit.

Classifying: Demetrius Chapman, Victoria Forman, Aaron Peiser, Cavyn Smith, Danny Vasquez, Carol Walker, Kayla West, Kaitlyn Willy

Doing/Making: Christina Baines, Josh Lein, Christine Whitten

Promising: Demetrius Chapman, Danica Gregory, Josh Lein, Sarah Pierce

Accounting: Dylan King, Taylor Durham, Mary Kate Motley, Leslie Stewart-Gordon, Carol Walker, Kaitlyn Willy

Credentialing: Kelly Bryant, Taylor Durham, Emily Menton, Charles Pawluk, Ashley Schumacher, Ryan Munthe

Disciplining: Kelly Bryant, Matt Cowles, Stacy Ming, Mary Kate Motley, Jessica Murray, Daniel Stuart, Michael Young

Remembering: Charlie Baxter, Matt Cowles, Victoria Forman, Alison Lowe, Tsung Che Lu, Kayla West

Streamlining: Christina Baines, Kelli Gill, Alison Lowe, Emily Menton

Locating: Danica Gregory, Tsung Che Lu, Aaron Peiser, Ashley Schumacher, Kayla West, Alex Wray

Resisting: Kelly Bryant, Stacy Ming, Jessica Murray, Charles Pawluk, Leslie Gordon-Stewart, Daniel Stuart, Carol Walker, Kaitlyn Willy, Alex Wray, Michael Young

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