Proof: The Byrd Williams Family Photography Archive: Byrd Williams III (1913-1985)

Byrd Moore Williams III was the first in the family to start his own photography business. He worked for camera companies beforehand, which also saw some of his work go towards the development of camera lenses for Argus, a company Williams worked for in Michigan. For a brief period of time, Williams also wanted to be a journalist and he attended Texas Christian University from 1933-1937 as a journalism major. A short story is included on this page as a sample of the kind of work Williams created as an aspiring writer. While living in Michigan, he also worked on a boat with a friend and kept a journal. He traveled around Texas and the United States as part of his work with camera companies, eventually settling in Fort Worth where began the studio photography business. His background in writing and his natural creativity led to a successful business venture which lasted for decades.

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