Proof: The Byrd Williams Family Photography Archive: Doris Stiles Williams (1920-2018)

Doris Stiles married Byrd Williams III in the late 1940s/early 1950s. Together, they had two children, Byrd Williams IV and Pamela Williams. With Carol and Tim, the children of Doris Stiles from a previous marriage, they were quite a family. Doris was also involved in the painting of photo prints which passed as oil portraits for clients of their family photo business. Like many family members and friends, Doris modeled for her husband’s creative photography as well as for their photography business. Judging from the photographs, some of these images may have been taken as test shots for lighting or for setups in the studio. Still, many photographs were taken for their own sake and they document the life of a mother, wife and business owner.

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