Proof: The Byrd Williams Family Photography Archive: Byrd Williams IV (1951-)

The fourth generation of photography shows the development from commercial and business photography into fine art through the work of Byrd Williams IV. Byrd is a Collin College professor who eventually sold the family business. Byrd went to graduate school at SMU while still working at Byrd Photo Service. While at SMU, Byrd Williams had contact with artists and photographers, such as Richard Avedon and Robert Rauschenberg. Like his father, Byrd also studied fine art photography. His own style is informed from the history of photography as well as his interest in urban development and posterity. From early on, Williams showed a knack for creative photography, getting his first camera from his father prior to his teen years. Byrd’s subject matter includes street scenes, buildings, portraits, and in the 1980s, he photographed televangelists, such as Jimmy Swaggart.

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