Growing Up Green: 1941-2015

The years 1941-2015 were a time of tremendous growth and transformation for UNT. In these 75 years we have gone from a small teachers college to one of the largest research universities in the country.

Throughout all the changes that have occurred, the characteristics that define the university—determination, creativity and diversity—have grown stronger over time. This exhibit is a look at some of the people and events that shaped the modern history of UNT.

This exhibit draws from the collections of the University Archive as well as many special contributions from alumni and friends. We wish to thank the following contributors to this exhibit:

Georgianne Burlage

Mike Cochran

Mark Coomes

Jim Cooper

UNT Department of Mathematics

Karen McCain and Steve Otto

Chris Osborn

Cindy Parsons

William Powers

Brenda K. Ritz

Shaun Seibel