Mod City: Neiman-Marcus


One of John Rogers’ first clients in Dallas was the Neiman-Marcus department store. Neiman-Marcus has been known for its high fashion and luxury styles since it was founded in 1907. Stanley Marcus took over the business in 1952, after working under his father and aunt beginning in 1926. He made the department store into a fashion and art gallery, where the wealthy went to learn about culture and aspire to a life of luxury. With this in mind, he started hosting weekly fashion shows, exhibitions of world-renowned art works, and incentivized fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent to visit Dallas by establishing the annual Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, in 1938.


The Neiman-Marcus Greenhouse Spa was built in 1965 as an additional way to attract wealthy clientele to Dallas for a day of relaxation and shopping. The Spa was purchased by another company in the 1980s, and still stands at its original location in the Grand Prairie suburb of Dallas.


Rogers and de Bruchard both worked for Neiman-Marcus to photograph various aspects of the department store’s products and the store itself. Much of the more commercial photography (models posing for photographs as well as for customers) was taken by Rogers, while images of the runway shows and famous designers were mostly taken by de Bruchard.

Gift Wrapping

To go along with the high prices and aspirational feel of Neiman-Marcus, the store offered personalized gift wrapping. John Rogers photographed many different styles of gift wrapping done at the department store.

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