Tour of a Lifetime Dallas Tornado Soccer Club World Tour 1967-68

A banner with the exhibit title, Tour of a Lifetime, in the middle. An orange letter D is above it, with a soccer ball in the middle of it. The top left corner has a Dallas Tornado banner on it, and is covering a small photo of people lined up in soccer uniform. The bottom right corner is a photo of people close together.

The Dallas Tornado Soccer Club was the first professional soccer team in Texas. It was founded by two wealthy sports fanatics in 1967, coached by a Yugoslavian immigrant, and employed only one American player. Team members were recruited and trained at the beginning of a whirlwind tour, which took them through 20 different countries over 7 months, and consisted of 45 matches against some of the best and worst soccer teams in the world. The young men on the team, aged 18-22, truly experienced the variety of life during this journey, with many lessons being conveyed by their lone chaperone, mentor and coach, Mr. Bob Kap.

All of the archival materials in this exhibit come from the Bob Kap Collection (AR0885).

This exhibit was created with the help of Sonja Kap Jordan-Mowrey, Bob Kap’s daughter.

View a Virtual Reality Tour of this exhibit, as it was displayed in the Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room.

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