Tour of a Lifetime : South Asia

In India, the team again witnessed great poverty, played matches in extreme heat, and did not win any of the five matches played around the country. The team enjoyed their time in a few luxury hotels, where they got these decorative luggage decals.

Dallas Tornado entering field in a line at game in New Delhi, wearing black and white stripe shirts
Flag exchange before game in Calcutta, India
Indian Football Association West Bengal flag, India
Invitation to match in New Delhi, India, Delhi Football Association
Flag exchange before game in Delhi, India
Delhi Football Association flag, Delhi, India
Ticket for match in Calcutta, India, Indian Football Association
Maiden’s Hotel luggage decal, Delhi, India

While in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), the team took time to relax, enjoying the hotel and the close proximity to the beach. This itinerary for the visit shows the time spent sightseeing, visiting historic sites, and attending parties during their five day stay.

Itinerary for visit to Ceylon, The Ceylon Football Association