Fun and Games: Victoria Lisi Illustrations

Babes in Toyland

Noted children’s book illustrator Victoria Lisi created these original illustrations for the 1990 publication of Babes in Toyland by Mandi McDonald. Lisi’s beautifully colored illustrations help to tell the madcap story of Miss Mary Quite Contrary’s adventure into Toyland. The first illustration depicts Contrary Mary and Little Bo Peep discussing missing sheep with Inspector Marmaduke. The second illustration shows Mary Contrary reuniting with her fiancé Tom Tom the Piper’s Son, after he led a group of toy soldiers to defeat the villain Barnaby.


Victoria Lisi created these original illustrations of Rapunzel for the 1992 publication by Fiona Black. These detailed illustrations show the beauty and pain depicted in this age old fable. Rapunzel, held captive by the evil witch, ends up meeting a prince who falls in love with her singing voice. Upon learning that Rapunzel met with a prince, the evil witch cuts off her hair and casts her into the wilderness to fend for herself.

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