The Great Menagerie: Exhibit Catalogue

Maryline Poole Adams. Jack-in-the-Box: An Alphabet. Berkeley: Poole Press , 1991. #54 of 99 copies.

__________. A Peep-Show Alice. Poole Press, 1989. #25 of 100 copies.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. New York: Macmillan, 1980. * Designed by John Strejan; Paper engineering by James Roger Diaz.

Robert D. Ballard, Explorer. Turner, 1992. * Illustrated by James Dietz. * Designed by Jon Z. Haber. * Paper engineering by Tor Lokvig and Dennis K. Meyer.

Nick Bantock. Robin Hood. New York: Viking, 1993. * Paper engineering by Nick Bantock and Dennis K. Meyer.

__________. Solomon Grundy. New York: Viking, 1992. * Paper engineering by Nick Bantock and Dennis K. Meyer.

__________. The Walrus & the Carpenter. New York: Viking, 1992. * Paper engineering by Nick Bantock and Dennis K. Meyer.

Michael Bender. Waiting for Filippo. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1995. * Designed by Lucy Nielsen.

Le Chaperon rouge. Paris: A. Capendu, Editeur, [ca. 1880].

A Christmas Carol. Ashland, OH: Landoll, 1995.

The Creation. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press, 1996. * Written and illustrated by Brian Wildsmith. * Designed by Jim Deesing. * Paper engineering by Bruce Reifel and José R. Seminario.

Dean’s Pop-Up Book of Ships. London: Dean & Son, [197?].

Henrik Drescher. Pat the Beastie. Santa Monica, CA: Hyperion, 1993. * Paper engineering by Patrick J.B. Flynn.

Famous Faces. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 1995.

Karl Friedrich Flogel. Flogels Geschichte des Grotesk komischen. Leipzig: H. Barsdorf, 1888.

S. Louis Giraud. Bookano Stories No. 4. London: Strand, [c1937].

__________. Bookano Stories No. 9. London: Strand, 1942.

__________. Bookano Stories No. 16. London: Strand, 1949.

__________. Daily Express Children’s Annual No. 2. London: Lane, [1930?].

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. New York: Playland Books, 1989. * Linda Costello, Paper Engineer; Robert Horning, Illustrator.

Edward Gorey. The Dwindling Party. New York: Random House, 1982.

Kenneth Graham. The Wind in the Willows. Southeastern, PA: Stoneway Books, 1988.

The Great Menagerie: An Adaption of the Antique Pop-Up Book. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1979. * An adaption of a nineteenth-century German language edition, published by J.F. Schreiber of Esslingen, Germany.

Red Grooms. Ruckus Rodeo. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1988.

Marion Guild. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. London: Publicity Products, 1939.

The History of Little Fanny. London: Printed for S. and J. Fuller, 1811.

Imperial Surprises: A Pop-Up Book of Fabergé Masterpieces. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1994. * Paper engineering and design by Keith Moseley.

Hugh Johnson. Hugh Johnson’s Pop-Up Wine Book. Pyramid, 1989. * Paper engineering by Ron Van der Meer.

Voitech Kubasta. Der fliegende Koffer. Hamberg: Artia, 1962.

__________. Jack & the Beanstalk. London: Murrays Treasure/Artia, 1974.

__________. Snow White. Murrays London: Treasure/Artia, 1977.

Nancy Leavitt. A Road Alphabet. Stillwater, Maine: 1993. * Gouache and glair on TH Saunders paper. This is N in an edition of twenty-six. Text written in Leavitt’s calligraphy, with accenting swaths of color. One section of the book folds out into a panorama. Bound in cloth-backed hand-decorated board, the spine accented with a filament of gold thread. Housed in a paper chemise.

__________. A Small House. Stillwater, Maine: Persea Press, 1993. * Excerpt from “The Wish” by Abraham Cowley, 1647. Limited ed. of 26 lettered copies. This is copy U. Hand-painted pages with a miniature garden fold-out panorama. Hand-lettered with tiny cut-outs. Bound in the shape of a house in fuchsia, teal, silver, and green foils. Wrapped in tissue paper and housed in a drawstring paper bag with the logo of the Persea Press on the side, which is hand-decorated.

Harold Lentz. Puss in Boots. New York: Blue Ribbon, 1934. * C. Carey Cloud, Illustrator.

__________. The “Pop-Up” Mother Goose. Bedford, MA: Applewood Books, 1995 (1934). * Facsimile of 1934 Blue Ribbon pop-up.

[McLoughlin Bros] The Lion’s Den. Little Showman’s Series (First Issue). New York: McLoughlin Bros, [ca. 1880].

Lothar Meggendorfer. The Genius of Lothar Meggendorfer. New York: Random House , 1985. Facsimile compilation.

Mickey’s Christmas Party. Brown Wells & Jacobs, 1994.

Patrick Moore and Heather Couper. Halley’s Comet. London: Deans, 1985. * Paper engineering by Vic Duppa-Whyte.

[National Geographic] Amazing Monkeys. Los Angeles: National Geographic Society , 1985. * Paper engineering by James Roger Diaz, John Strejan, and Rodger Smith.

[National Geographic] Wonderful Animals of Australia. National Geographic Society , 1990. * Paper engineering by James Roger Diaz, White Heat, Limited, and Rick Morrison.

Ernest Nister. Favourite Animals. Long Beach, CA: William Collins Sons and Co. , 1989. * A compilation of Nister’s work.

__________. Merry Magic-Go-Round: A Reproduction of an Antique Book of Changing Pictures by Ernest Nister . Los Angeles: Intervisual Communications, Inc, [1982?] * The original book, Merry Surprises, was published around 1897.

__________. Pictures to Please You with verses by Clifton Bingham and pen and ink sketches by A.G. London: Ernest Nister; New York: E.P. Dutton, [1890?].

__________. Special Days. New York: Philomel Books, 1989. * A compilation of Nister’s work.

__________. Wild Animal Stories: A Panorama Picture Book. London: E. Nister; New York: Dutton, [1897].

The Nutcracker: A Pop-Up Book. Southeastern, PA: Stoneway Books, 1989.

Maxfield Parrish. The Maxfield Parrish Pop-Up Book. Rohnert Park, CA: Pomegranate Artbooks, 1994. * Paper engineering by John J. Strejan.

Peter and the Wolf. New York: Viking, 1986. * Barbara Cooney, Illustrator; John Strejan and David A. Carter, Paper Engineers.

Peter Pan. Hodder & Stoughton, 1983. * Paper engineering by John Strejan and Keith Moseley.

Peter Rabbit Pop-Up Book. Agoura Hills, CA: Barbara J. Raheb, 1994.

Jan Piekowski. ABC Dinosaurs. New York: Lodestar Books, 1993. * Paper engineering by Rodger Smith and Helen Balmer.

__________. Dinner Time. Los Angeles: Price Stern Sloan, 1981. * Paper engineering by Marcin Stajewski and James Roger Diaz.

__________. Haunted House. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1979. * Paper engineering by Tor Lokvig.

__________. Oh My A Fly! Los Angeles: Price Stern Sloan, 1989. * Paper engineering by Marcin Stajewski and Dennis K. Meyer.

__________. Robot. London: William Heinemann, 1981. * Paper engineering by James Roger Diaz, Tor Lokvig, and Marcin Stajewski.

Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen. Pop Up Book of Gnomes. London: Kestrel, 1979.

The Pop-Up Buck Rogers. Bedford, MA: Applewood Books, 1994. * Facsimile of the original, published in 1935.

Beatrix Potter, Author and Illustrator. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Baltimore: Ottenheimer, 1994. * Paper engineering by Bruce Foster.

Alice and Martin Provensen. Leonardo da Vinci. London: Hutchinson Children’s Books, 1984. * Paper engineering by John Strejan.

Robert Sabuda. The Christmas Alphabet. New York: Orchard Books, 1994.

___________. The Knight’s Castle. New York: Western, 1994.

___________. The Mummy’s Tomb. New York: Western, 1994.

___________. The Twelve Days of Christmas. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1996.

Santa Visits Mother Goose. White Plains, NY: White Plains Greeting Card, 1953.

Maida Silverman. Dune Pop-Up Panorama Book. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1984.

Iain Smyth. The Mystery of the Russian Ruby. New York: Dutton Children’s Books , 1994.

Fran Thatcher, Illustrator. Beauty and the Beast and other Fantastic Fairy Tales . New York: Singram/Random House, 1994.

Fran Thatcher and Tracey Williamson, Illustrators. The Fantastic Fairy Tale Pop-Up Book . New York: Singram/Random House, 1992.

The Three Little Kittens in the Enchanted Forest. New York: Hyperion Books for Children, 1995. * Hilary Aaron, Illustrator; Jonathan Langley, Paper Engineer.

The Tombs of the Pharaohs: A Three-Dimensional Discovery. New York: Hyperion , 1994. * Paper engineering by David Hawcock.

Raphael Tuck. Fun at the Circus. London: Raphael Tuck & Sons, [1892?].

Issac Watts, D.D. Psalms of David, Imitated in the Language of the New Testament . Exeter: J.J. Williams, 1818.

Nancy Willard. Gutenberg’s Gift: A Book Lover’s Pop-Up Book. Baltimore: Wild Honey, 1995. * Illustrated by Bryan Leister.

The Wizard of Oz. Akron, OH: The Saalfield Publishing Co., 1944. * Animation by Julian Wehr.

Wizard of Oz. Honey Bear Books Giant Pop-Up Book. New York: Modern Publishing , 1990.

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