A Tour Through Their History: Julian Wehr

During the 1940s, Julian Wehr animated a number of movable books for several American publishers. His designs were all operated by tabs, which moved various parts of the illustration. While most tabs in early movables were located at the bottom of the pages and operated by pulling down, Wehr’s designs were more flexible than traditional “pull-the-tab” books. In Wehr’s books, the tabs are located at the bottom and the sides of the images, and are operable by moving the tabs back and forth along slits in the pages. Some tabs could be moved both back and forth, and up and down, to provide a variety of motions.

Finnie the Fiddler tells the story of a musical youth who accidentally stows away on a ship and becomes the crew’s fiddler. Later, he is shipwrecked and plays his fiddle for friendly natives in an unknown land.

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