A Tour Through Their History: Title Index

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. New York: Delacorte Press, 1980. Illustrated by Jenny Thorne, after John Tenniel, designed by John Strejan, paper engineering by James Roger Diaz. Printed and bound in Colombia for Intervisual Communications, Inc. Adapted from Lewis Carroll.

Astronauts on the Moon: The Story of the Apollo Moon Landings. Hallmark Children’s ed. Kansas City, Mo.: Hallmark Cards, [1970]. Illustrated by Al Muenchen, paper engineering and layout by Howard Lohnes, written by Stanley Hendricks.

Beauty and the Beast. Home Pantomime Toy Books. London: Dean & Son, [ca.1873].

Bookano Stories with Pictures That Spring Up in Model Form. No. 4. Giraud, S. Louis, ed. London: Strand Publications, [1937].

Bookano Stories with Pictures That Spring Up in Model Form. No. 9. Giraud, S. Louis, ed. London: Strand Publications, [1942].

Le Chaperon rouge. Librairie enfantine illustrée. Paris: A. Capendu, Editeur, [ca.1890].

Comic Actors: A New Movable Toybook. Meggendorfer, Lothar. London: H. Grevel & Co., [1895].

The Creation: Pop-up Book. Brookfield, Conn.: Millbrook Press, 1996. Illustrated by Brian Wildsmith, designed by Jim Deesing, paper engineering by Bruce Reifel and José R. Seminario. Produced by Intervisual Books, Inc.

The Daily Express Children’s Annual: Introducing Self-erecting Models to Illustrate the Stories. No. 2. Giraud, S. Louis, ed. London: The Lane Publications (Daily Express Books Dept.), [1930].

Dean & Son’s Moveable Book of the Royal Punch & Judy as Played before the Queen at Windsor Castle & the Crystal Palace. London: Dean & Son, [ca. 1861].

The Exciting Adventures of Finnie the Fiddler. New York: Cupples & Leon Company , 1942. Story, pictures, and animation by Julian Wehr.

Der fliegende koffer [The Flying Trunk]. Kubasta, Voitech. Hamburg: Carlsen Verlag, 1962 ([Prague]: Artia). Fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.

Floegels Geschichte des grotesk komischen, bearbeitet, erweitert und bis auf die neueste zeit fortgeführt. Flögel, Karl Friedrich. Leipzig: H. Barsdorf, 1888.

Frank Feignwell’s Attempts to Amuse His Friends on Twelfth-Night: Exhibited in a Series of Characters. London: Printed for S. and J. Fuller, 1811.

Fun at the Circus. London; Paris; New York: Raphael Tuck & Sons, [ca. 1900].

The History of Little Fanny: Exemplified in a Series of Figures. London: Printed for S. and J. Fuller, 1811.

How Columbus Discovered America. Kubasta, Voitech. London: Westminster Books, 1960.

Jabberwocky: A Pop-up Rhyme from Through the Looking Glass. New York: Viking, 1991. Designed and illustrated by Nick Bantock, paper engineering by Nick Bantock and Dennis K. Meyer, poem by Lewis Carroll.

The Lions’ Den. Little Showman’s Series (1st series). New York: McLoughlin Bros., [ca. 1880].

Magic Windows: An Antique Revolving Picture Book (1980). New York: Philomel Books , 1980. Originally published under the title In Wonderland, London: Nister, 1895.

Monster Island. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, c1981. Illustrated by Ron Van der Meer; assistant illustrator, Atie van der Meer; paper engineering by Tor Lokvig and John Strejan. Printed and bound in Colombia, S.A. for Intervisual Communications , Inc.

The Movable Mother Goose. Sabuda, Robert. Limited Ed. New York: Little, Simon, 1999.

The New Adventures of Tarzan “Pop Up.” Illustrated pop-up ed. Chicago: Pleasure Books, 1935.” A Blue Ribbon Press book.” Illustrated by Stephen Slesinger, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Pictures to Please You. London: Ernest Nister; New York: E.P. Dutton, [ca. 1891]. Written by Clifton Bingham.

The Pop-up Book of Phobias. 1st Ed. New York: Rob Weisbach Books, 1999. Illustrated by Balvis Rubess, pop-ups by Matthew Reinhart, produced by Melcher Media, written by Gary Greenberg.

Popeye and the Pirates. New York: Duenwald Pring Corp., 1945. Animated by Julian Wehr, illustrated by Sagendorf, written by Elzie Crisler Segar.

Puss in Boots. Illustrated pop-up Ed. New York: Blue Ribbon Press, 1934. Illustrated by C. Carey Cloud and Harold B. Lentz.

Robot. London: Heinemann, 1981. Illustrated by Jan Pienkowski, paper engineering by James Roger Diaz, Tor Lokvig, and Marcin Stajewski. Printed and bound in Cali, Colombia, S.A. by Carvajal S.A. for Intervisual Communications, Inc.

Sam’s Pizza: Your Pizza to Go. Pelham, David. 1st American Ed. New York: Dutton Children’s Books, 1996. Produced by Hedgehog Books Limited, printed and hand-assembled in Colombia.

Whales: Mighty Giants of the Sea. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society , 1990. Ned and Rosalie Seidler, illustrators; Judith E. Rinard, writer; James Roger Diaz, White Heat, Limited, and Rick Morrison, paper engineers.

Wild Animal Stories: A Panorama Picture Book. London: E. Nister; New York: Dutton, [1897]. Written by George Manville Fenn.

The Wizard of Oz. Akron, Ohio: The Saalfield Publishing Company, 1944. Animated by Julian Wehr, written by Frank L. Baum.

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