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This is a digital exhibit, published in February 2021. The exhibit is a compilation and recreation of a series of Dallas-Fort Worth Black Living Legends exhibits originally created by the Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters from 1987 through 1996. The biographical texts have been updated to reflect the individuals’ lives after the original exhibits were created. To read the original biographies, see the exhibit program from 1987 and the exhibit programs from 1991-1996 on The Portal to Texas History.

All images used in this exhibit are part of The Black Academy of Arts and Letter Records collection held at UNT Special Collections, except where noted.


The components of this exhibit were originally created by the Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters, between 1987 and 1996. These components were edited and compiled by UNT Special Collections.

Photographers for the original exhibits were:

  • Otis Smith
  • Carl Sidle
  • Ed White

A special thank you goes to Adriance Rhoades, Anna Esparza, Julie Judkins, and UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit for assisting with the creation of this exhibit.

The main contributors are:

  • The Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters
  • Jaimi Parker (editor)

Graphic design by Kristina Armitage.

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